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Snap looks to raise $1 billion in private 2019-08-06 08:28:52Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, is looking to add some cash to its coffers via a new proposed private offering of $1 billion in convertible seni

Squad, the ‘anti-bro startup,’ is creating a safe 2019-08-06 07:30:53Why CEO Esther Crawford is rewriting the playbook for social startups

Facebook still full of groups trading fake reviews, 2019-08-06 04:11:36Facebook has failed to clean up the brisk trade in fake product reviews taking place on its platform, an investigation by the consumer association Whi

Libra, Facebook’s global digital currency plan, is fuzzy 2019-08-05 14:47:07Privacy commissioners from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australasia have put their names to a joint statement raising concerns about a lack of cla

8chan’s new internet host was kicked off its 2019-08-05 14:38:33The bottom-feeding forum 8chan, which grew popular by embracing fringe hateful internet cultures, is having trouble staying online. After Cloudflare d

UK watchdog eyeing PM Boris Johnson’s Facebook ads 2019-08-05 11:27:45The online campaigning activities of the UK’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, have already caught the eye of the country’s data protect

Cloudflare will stop service to 8chan, which CEO 2019-08-04 22:57:06Website infrastructure and security services provider Cloudflare will stop providing service to 8chan, wrote Matthew Prince in a blog post, describing

Instagram and Facebook are experiencing outages 2019-08-04 12:43:56Users reported issues with Instagram and Facebook Sunday morning. [Update as of 12:45 p.m. pacific] Facebook says the outage affecting its apps has be

Facebook to admit ownership of Instagram, WhatsApp in 2019-08-03 06:04:30For the first time in more than half a decade, Facebook wants to inform you that it owns Instagram, the hyper-popular rival social networking app it a

TikTok adds Giphy integration to import Stickers and 2019-08-01 09:03:57TikTok is the breakout hit in social media apps at the moment — it’s currently ranked first in entertainment, and 12th overall in terms of

Facebook reveals early results from its subscription-focused local 2019-08-01 06:00:35It’s been more than a year since Facebook announced that it would be funding a Local News Subscriptions Accelerator. Now the company is sharing

Snapchat launches ‘instant’ tool for creating vertical ads 2019-07-31 10:48:38Snapchat is hoping to attract new advertisers (and make advertising easier for the ones already on the platform) with the launch of a new tool called


James Corden's audience Q&A descends into chaos after 2019-08-07 06:55:47 Anyone who's been watching The Late Late Show for a while will know that James Corden's audience Q&As aren't like normal Q&As. He's pre

Homgeek personal blender on sale for £50 off 2019-08-07 06:44:40TL;DR: The smooth Homgeek personal blender is on sale for £19.99, saving you 71% on list price. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Seth Rogen is cheerfully using 1-star Amazon reviews 2019-08-07 06:26:02They say any publicity is good publicity — and it appears Seth Rogen is a firm believer in the expression. Earlier in the week, journalist Ashle

Seafaring robot crashes into iceberg, still finishes scientific 2019-08-07 06:00:0013,670 nautical miles. 50-foot waves. One big collision.  Over the weekend a Saildrone — a 23-foot long uncrewed marine robot — withs

Amazon Fire HD 10, Xbox One S, LG 2019-08-07 05:59:14It's mid-way through the summer vacation, have you had enough of your kids fighting for their turn to play the tablet yet? Now here's the good news

JBL speakers, Philips air fryers, Eufy smart scales, 2019-08-07 05:58:17This is the place to be if you are shopping for a kitchen appliance, smart scale, fitness trackers, or speakers. It's also the place to be if you jus

Trevor Noah takes on the Fox News reaction 2019-08-07 05:17:20 Fox News has a lot of ideas about how to counter America's gun violence problem — but not many of these seem to involve actually restricting

Dakota Johnson explains what happened to her missing 2019-08-07 05:06:49 Stow away your theories and hunches, the mystery of the missing tooth gap has been solved.  ICYMI, Dakota Johnson's teeth have made the headl

Samsung launches its most powerful mobile chip yet 2019-08-07 05:03:23With Samsung Galaxy Note 10 reveal just hours away (the event starts at 4 p.m. ET Wednesday), Samsung has launched a new, powerful smartphone chip &md

Save $74 on these earbuds, a cheap alternative 2019-08-07 05:00:00TL;DR: Get the comfortable XT9 wireless fitness headphones on sale for $44.99. Usually priced at $119, you'll be saving an impressive 62%.  You

This cheap cloud storage plan combines all your 2019-08-07 05:00:00TL;DR: Get access to the reliable Koofr Cloud Storage Lifetime Subscription Plan for as low $19.99. You can choose between four different storage size

Learn to become a product manager with this 2019-08-07 05:00:00TL;DR: You can take Udemy's online training course "Become a Product Manager" for just $9.99 by enrolling through the PCMag Shop. It's normally $1

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Indie developers get death threats over decision to 2019-08-06 21:00:28A pair of indie developers became the targets of death threats and hate speech after they decided to make their game an Epic Store exclusive. It begs

Researchers develop a new way to track blood 2019-08-06 20:14:37A team of researchers in Canada and China are working on a revolutionary new way to track blood pressure: a selfie. The teams, based at the University

Researchers discover troubling new security flaw in all 2019-08-06 19:15:08Researchers from BitDefender have uncovered a concerning security vulnerability present in all modern Intel processors. If executed, the flaw could pe

Leak: Samsung’s Note 10 will be ‘a pro 2019-08-06 18:26:03Samsung’s Note 10 is due to be revealed tomorrow, but that isn’t stopping the leaks from coming. Though we already seem to know every aspe

LG’s next flagship phone could pack 3 screens 2019-08-06 16:54:07Well before Google decided it would leak the Pixel 4 on its own terms, LG had been teasing and revealing features on its own devices for years. Today,

Minecraft and Roblox are on the rise as 2019-08-06 14:56:59Minecraft and Roblox, two games that have been around for a decade or more, are enjoying a rise in popularity and user base at the moment. M

8 tips to eliminate distractions in your workplace 2019-08-06 13:03:44Technology promised to automate the tasks humans weren’t absolutely needed for, giving us time back and making us more productive in one fell sw

Here’s what we need to build our first 2019-08-06 11:57:10Half a century after humans first walked on the moon, a number of private companies and nations are planning to build permanent bases on the lunar sur

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 2019-08-06 09:52:27Apple is rolling out its much sought-after credit card to select users today. The company said the card, issued in partnership with Goldman Sachs, wil

Meet the YouTube Mortician teaching people not to 2019-08-06 09:52:21Growing up, I watched Disney movies on repeat where a mermaid gave up her voice for a man and was taught I should be a damsel in distress until my Pri

How to watch Samsung’s Note 10 event on 2019-08-06 08:26:34Samsung is holding its Galaxy Unpacked event tomorrow, which will unveil a bunch of gadgets including its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 10. T

CHEAP: Good goddamn, Google’s Pixel 3 is only 2019-08-06 08:17:14Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! There are a whole load of good Android phones out there, but t


Should You or Should You Not Vent About 2019-08-06 17:38:31Is talking about your stress a healthy release or does it make it worse?

How the 'Mom Test' Can Help You Cut 2019-08-06 16:30:00This simple question can make complex issues seem much more straightforward.

'Developing a Vocabulary That Will Be Understood': The 2019-08-06 15:00:00You can learn a lot from the French multinational advertising and PR giant.

Why the 'A' in Chick-fil-A Is Capitalized 2019-08-06 14:30:00There's a hidden message in Chick-fil-A's logo.

The Munchies Effect: Candy, Snack Sales Going Up 2019-08-06 14:17:00Surprise, surprise. A study finds that snacking is most popular in weed-friendly states.

How This Former Athlete Grew His Personal Project 2019-08-06 13:30:00Former NFL player Trent Shelton speaks about his journey, from living the glamorous life of a pro athlete to developing his new persona.

Far Too Many 'Adults' Still Using Parents' Phone 2019-08-06 12:00:00A mix of 'failure to launch,' zero desire for financial independence and attractive family plans mean half of people age 18 to 24 are still mooching

Turn Negativity Into Positivity With These Communication Strategies 2019-08-06 10:30:00Word choices can make all the difference when dealing with conflict.

Cathay Pacific Records Passengers During Flights 2019-08-06 10:04:53Any use of the in-flight entertainment system is logged and CCTV cameras on board each flight record your activity for security purposes.

All Vodka Is the Same. So Why Is 2019-08-06 10:00:00It's about what people are really paying for.

Want to Build a Strong Personal Brand? This 2019-08-06 09:30:00This bundle covers everything you need to know to market yourself as a credible persona.

How to Get a Job in the Cannabis 2019-08-06 09:00:00Want to get a job in the cannabis industry? There are plenty to go around. But before you sit down for an interview, here's what you need to know.

E-Commerce Times

Leveling Up From Product Seller to Brand Builder 2019-08-05 15:40:23Video traffic is expected to make up 82 percent of all Internet traffic by 2022. This spike coincides with the increased production and distribution o

How to Overcome 5 Common E-Commerce Roadblocks 2019-08-03 08:00:00The road to e-commerce business success is hardly a straight and narrow one. Every step in a business lifecycle -- from launch and growth to scale and

4 High-Impact E-Commerce Customer Service Trends 2019-08-01 14:44:26E-commerce has exploded since Amazon and eBay were founded in 1995. Today, e-commerce is part of everyday life. By 2023, retail e-commerce sales in th

Amazon's $10-a-Person Attempt to Wriggle Off Privacy Hook 2019-08-01 13:27:52Some very large companies now are under scrutiny by the U.S. government for their data collection and use. As the pressure increases, Amazon seems to

Turning Research Into Product 2019-07-31 14:36:10Oracle just published some commissioned research that gives us insights into both CRM generally and the times we live in. A study of more than 1,100 p

Google, VMware Partnership Extends Hybrid Cloud Reach 2019-07-31 13:17:32Google Cloud and VMware have announced Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple, a service that lets organizations run VMware workloads in Google C

3 Ways Marketing Solves Business Problems 2019-07-30 14:20:08Marketing professionals play a big role in helping businesses succeed by building brand loyalty. Recent studies have shown that over the last 19 years

How to Compete With Big Retail by Optimizing 2019-07-30 14:19:36Congratulations! You've succeeded in driving online traffic to your product page. So why aren't customers actually clicking 'Add to Cart'? Making

Recipe for CX Success: Combine Context From Conversations 2019-07-29 15:22:19The contact center uses familiar benchmarks to determine if a call, chat or email is successful or not. Call metrics such as net promoter score, handl

Automation: Helping SMBs Cut the Gordian Knot of 2019-07-27 08:00:00Finance and accounting technology became the No. 1 software budgeting priority for small and mid-sized businesses, according to a survey conducted las

Timely Antitrust Investigation 2019-07-26 13:38:01The Justice Department is opening antitrust investigations into some of the biggest tech companies around, including Facebook, Google, Amazon and othe

Salesforce's Road to China 2019-07-25 13:58:21It was bound to happen. Salesforce was going to China at some point, and it announced that action this week saying it was partnering with Alibaba. The

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People Wait For Hours To Try McDonald’s New 2019-08-05 15:44:36They’re even available yet and people already are queuing up in a dire bid to taste Mickey D’s new Spicy Chicken Nuggets. Ever since the i

The Biggest, Oddest and Most Expensive Diplomatic Gifts 2019-08-05 11:00:51Gift-giving isn’t just a seasonal affair between friends, families and acquaintances. The art of gift-giving is also conducted on a national sca

This Is How To Be The Perfect Wife 2019-08-02 18:08:19Printed in May 1955, Housekeeping Monthly‘s “The Good Wife’s Guide” delineates the perfect tools to keep your significant othe

7-Year-Old Had 526 Teeth Removed, And The Pics 2019-08-01 19:26:35A 7-year-old boy from India improbably had 526 teeth taken out after visiting Saveetha Dental College with jaw discomfort. The poor child dropped by t

Celebrities Who Have Been Ordered By the Court 2019-08-01 00:34:14People from all walks of life may suffer from substance abuse problems. No matter how rich or famous an individual is, it’s always difficult to

1 In 4 Delivery Drivers Confess to Sampling 2019-07-31 20:10:50Food delivery apps are becoming progressively trendy. However, is practicality worth it if delivery drivers are tasting gourmands’ meals? A rece

Hate Groups Online: The Ethics of Hosting Hateful 2019-07-31 08:00:02In 2011, activists in Cairo took to the internet to start a revolution. After three decades of repression, the pro-democrats brought down President Ho

Former Model Marries Her Pet Dog After Giving 2019-07-30 19:35:0649-year-old Elizabeth Hoad, former swimsuit model, Tuesday went on live television to marry her 6-year-old golden retriever, Logan. “I found the

Scientists Develop Contact Lens That Can Zoom In 2019-07-29 18:21:24Scientists have launched a new form of automated contact lens that is controlled by diminutive movements of the eye. That means that users can use bli

House Renovation Uncovered Beer Cans Worth Thousands Of 2019-07-26 20:00:10During a renovation, a family unearthed a “treasure” worth thousands of bucks stashed inside their home in one of the most dubious places.

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