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How Downdetector Has Become Go-To Site for Online Disruption

Downdetector, which uses crowdsourcing to track outages, recognized Facebook’s problems were dramatically different than a typical outage...&ldqRead More

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How Downdetector Has Become Go-To Site for Online 2021-10-06 07:22:51Downdetector, which uses crowdsourcing to track outages, recognized Facebook’s problems were dramatically different than a typical outage...&ldq

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Zoom removes paywall from important accessibility feature New! 2021-10-25 17:42:00Earlier this year, Zoom announced plans to make its automatic closed captioning feature available to everyone, not just paid subscribers. The company

GoPro HERO 10 firmware update fixes camera’s overheating New! 2021-10-25 16:48:16GoPro is releasing a firmware update for its HERO 10 Black action camera that will, among other things, address the overheating issue some consumers h

Samsung teams with Best Buy for authorized Galaxy New! 2021-10-25 16:02:58Samsung has teamed up with Best Buy to offer its customers additional in-person device repair options for Note and Galaxy S smartphones. More than 100

Johns Hopkins to lead first federally-funded psychedelic study New! 2021-10-25 15:13:37For the first time in around five decades, the US government has issued a federal grant for the study of psychedelics. The funds have been granted to

Blue Origin reveals private space station: ISS, meet New! 2021-10-25 14:28:10Blue Origin announced today that it has plans to build its own space station. Teaming with Sierra Space and backed by various companies and organizati

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Apple releases free macOS Monterey upgrade: Here’s what New! 2021-10-25 13:31:00Apple has released macOS Monterey today, with the latest version of its Mac software arriving just in time to coincide with the new MacBook Pro models

Halo Xbox 360 games lose online service early New! 2021-10-25 13:06:35On the same day we received a new look at Halo Infinite‘s campaign comes news that 343 Industries has decided on a new date for the shutdown of

Georgia man used $57k in COVID fraud cash New! 2021-10-25 12:58:20A Georgia man appeared in court documents accused of defrauding the government for thousands of dollars in COVID-19 relief money. Part of said money w

Google Pixel 6 Pro Review New! 2021-10-25 12:00:18The Google Pixel 6 Pro is the best Android phone in the world today – but is it right for you? This is really the first time Google has created

2021 MacBook Pro review roundup: Did Apple screw New! 2021-10-25 11:41:11Can you imagine what the reviews would look like if Apple made a MacBook Pro with all the ports users wanted, but none of the processing power or soft


The HeyBike Mars is an affordable folding fat New! 2021-10-25 17:41:55 Electric bicycles have never been more popular as riders all over the world flock to two-wheeled EVs for both fun and transportation. Fat tire bikes

Tesla opens new R&D center in China with New! 2021-10-25 16:14:08 Tesla announced the opening of its new research and development center in Shanghai. The new facility will help the American automaker to tap into loc

Tesla (TSLA) reaches $1 trillion valuation New! 2021-10-25 14:41:28 Tesla (TSLA) has officially reached a public market valuation of $1 trillion after adding over $100 billion to its market capitalization today alone.

XPeng 1024 Tech Day recap: New ADAS, 800V New! 2021-10-25 14:27:39 As part of its 1024 Tech Day in China, XPeng has unveiled upgrades to its current EV technology as well as new electric mobility products. This inclu

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The US is getting its first offshore wind New! 2021-10-25 12:36:23 Spain-headquartered renewables giant Siemens Gamesa announced today that it will build a new offshore wind turbine blade factory in Virginia. Th

Tesla Model 3 becomes best-selling vehicle (not just New! 2021-10-25 12:26:11 The Tesla Model 3 has become the first all-electric car to become the best-selling vehicle in Europe. However, that’s on a monthly basis and Te

Tesla (TSLA) surges to new all-time high on New! 2021-10-25 09:58:39 Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is reaching new all-time highs today on a huge rental order of 100,000 cars and a new $1,200 target price from Morgan Stan

Tesla starts rolling out Full Self-Driving Beta 10.3 New! 2021-10-25 09:25:30 Tesla has restarted the rollout of its Full Self-Driving Beta 10.3 update after a false start with a lot of bugs had them revert to the previous vers

I actually bought a cheap electric pickup truck 2021-10-25 09:03:31 Some readers may recall that a few months ago I bought a cheap electric mini-truck on Alibaba. I know this because I’ve gotten emails almost da

Hertz orders 100,000 Teslas, the single-largest EV purchase 2021-10-25 08:08:04 Hertz Global Holdings Inc has placed an order for a whopping 100,000 Teslas in a huge first step toward electrifying its rental-car fleet and in the

Panasonic unveils its Tesla 4680 battery cell, production 2021-10-25 06:05:55 Panasonic has today unveiled its new 4680 battery cell built for Tesla and it plans to start “test production” early next year. more&hel


Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas for Rental Cars New! 2021-10-25 15:34:02Big Order Rental car company Hertz has ordered 100,000 Tesla Model 3s as part of a massive push to electrify its fleet — the largest purchase of

Fauci Accused of Funding Cruel Experiments on Puppies New! 2021-10-25 15:00:14Animal Torture Dr. Anthony Fauci is no stranger to criticism — but the latest claims that he helped fund a cruel experiment that involved infect

Blue Origin Unveils Plans for Commercial Space Station New! 2021-10-25 14:21:50Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin has announced ambitious plans for a new commercial space station called Orbital Reef. The massive station

Wheelchair Users Float in Zero G, Blown Away New! 2021-10-25 13:35:37Zero Gravity While space travel is rapidly becoming a realistic dream for many, there are still a lot of hurdles to overcome for others — especi

Elon Musk Is Now Worth Over a Quarter New! 2021-10-25 12:59:01Quarter Trillionaire As if being a billionaire wasn’t enough, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is gunning for the top spot of becoming the world’s firs

Astronomers Discover Youngest Planet Ever Observed New! 2021-10-25 11:37:02Baby Planet Astronomers have discovered the youngest planet ever observed — and they say it’s bigger than Jupiter.  The international

Leaked Video Shows Cybertruck Tearing It Up Offroad New! 2021-10-25 10:42:36Tearing It Up Now that Tesla’s Cybertruck is firmly on the horizon, excitement for the electric pickup truck is starting to ramp up. A newly lea

How to Stay Focused At Work And Meetings 2021-10-25 07:04:31If you’re working more from home like so many others nowadays, you likely spend a good amount of that time in online meetings. Like them or not,

Head of NASA Suggests That UFOs Could Be 2021-10-24 13:24:50During an appearance this week at the University of Virginia, NASA boss Bill Nelson made some eyebrow-raising remarks about a possible connection betw

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Space Tourism Company Cancels Launch Because It Couldn’t 2021-10-23 12:53:29Chilling Effect In what could be a serious reality check for the buzz-filled space tourism industry, its most established player says it had to cancel

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