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23rd of July 2018


How I Learned from My Mistake (A Call for Submissions) - The Good Men Project

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are hardly noticeable. Some are careless but harmless and even funny, such as when a certain Executive Editor makes a typo in an email and spells her name wrong (who, me, Lsia B?)!

Many mistakes can be corrected before any embarrassment. However, some are set in stone for all passersby to witness. They make us cringe every time we see a reminder of our bad judgment or a rush job, such as the photo of the street sign spelled wrong.

Far worse, some mistakes have serious, lasting consequences, and we pay the price over and over. Such was the experience of the Good Men Project contributor who, driving while intoxicated, caused a collision that killed another human being. You can read his story here. Damaging on a psycho-social level, cheating in a committed relationship is another mistake our contributors have written about.

While the above mistakes are the result of actions taken, inaction can also be a mistake. Choosing not to do something out of carelessness can result in negative consequences, such as not exercising or not brushing your teeth. Risk aversion results in inaction, too, such as not calling the person who gave you their phone number with an invitation to get acquainted, or not applying for a better job, or not moving to another city to be with the person you love.


Tell us your story!What mistake have you made that lead you to an important life lesson?How and when did you discover your mistake?Did you have enough information when you made your bad decision such that you were not surprised of the negative consequences afterward? Or, were you dumbfounded that it didn’t work out as you thought it should have?What would you tell others to help them understand how and why they should avoid such a mistake? What are the warning signs you disregarded?How did you attempt to repair the consequences of your action?In what way was the difficult experience worth the important lessons you learned?

When you’re ready to submit, click one of the colorful boxes, below.


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Photo credit: Wilhelm Cortez

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