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22nd of July 2018


Big, Bad Spelling Showdown: Answers and Winners!

Big, Bad Spelling Showdown

Whew, that was a tough and wee tricky one, with a few more questions than usual. That’s what makes it big and bad! But you still did a great job with the quiz. High five, everyone! (And now, some of us won’t quite see desiccated coconut the same way again.)

Here are the stats, answers, and winners.


1,754 people took the quiz. 312 people scored 100%! The question most people (about 99%) got right was…#7! The question most people missed (only 49% got it right) was…#21.  


Q.3✓ dilettante • dilletante   Q.4✓ syncopate • synchopate   Q.5✓ handkerchief • hankerchief   Q.6 • appelate✓ appellate   Q.7 • nonesense✓ nonsense   Q.8 • dirrigible✓ dirigible   Q.9✓ millennial • millenial   Q.10✓ indispensable • indispensible   Q.11 • cruscible✓ crucible   Q.12✓ sojourn • soujorn   Q.13 • corraborate✓ corroborate   Q.14 • temprance✓ temperance   Q.15✓ serenade • seranade   Q.16 • rescusitate✓ resuscitate   Q.17 • aliteration✓ alliteration   Q.18✓ acquittal • aquittal   Q.19 • managerie✓ menagerie   Q.20✓ exemplary • examplery   Q.21 • dessicated✓ desiccated   Q.22 • presipice✓ precipice   Q.23✓ whereabouts • wherabouts   Q.24✓ macrocosm • macrochasm   Q.25 • squallid✓ squalid   Q.26✓ perfunctory • prefunctory   Q.27 • deprivity✓ depravity  


The first place winner is…Stefanie S. from Nevada! The second place winner is…Diana V. from Michigan! The third place winner is…SarahRose C. from North Carolina!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your prizes!


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