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21st of October 2018


Friends Quiz: Answers and Winners!

Great job with the quiz, everyone! Raise your hand if Friends taught you not to mix powder with lotion when dealing with leather pants. Or that being trapped in an ATM vestibule isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. Ah, that show. Thank goodness for reruns!   Here are the stats, answers, and winners.


2,030 people took the quiz. 1,004 people scored 100%! The question most people (about 98%) got right was…#13! The question most people missed (69% got it right) was…#3.


Q.3According to Ross, what is the state of total awareness that prepares you for possible danger? • umami • chirashi✓ unagi • hibachi   Q.4What is Joey’s favorite line? • Hey there!✓ How you doin’? • Hey, sweetness. • Oh. My. God.   Q.5What were Ross, Rachel and Chandler carrying up the stairs when Ross kept yelling, “Pivot!” • large screen tv • bed✓ couch • table   Q.6Who played Monica’s older boyfriend Richard?✓ Tom Selleck • Pierce Brosnan • Harrison Ford • Bruce Willis   Q.7What is the name of Phoebe’s identical twin? • Regina • Phyllis • Lily✓ Ursula   Q.8What is the name of the coffee shop where the friends hang out?✓ Central Perk • Coffee Haus • Java Juice • Corner Brew   Q.9What is Ross’ profession? • psychiatrist • accountant✓ paleontologist • actor   Q.10Phoebe wrote a song about a _______ . • sleepy squirrel✓ smelly cat • fluffy pig • noisy raccoon   Q.11Who is the neat freak?✓ Monica • Ross • Rachel • Chandler   Q.12What did they call the man who lived across the street from Monica? • Cute Hunky Guy • Big Hairy Dude✓ Ugly Naked Guy • Weird Tall Guy   Q.13What is the title of the show’s theme song?✓ I’ll Be There for You • That’s What Friends Are For • You’ve Got a Friend • Shiny Happy People   Q.14What is the name of Ross and Rachel’s daughter? • Grace • Erica • Bianca✓ Emma   Q.15What is Joey’s main profession? • singer✓ actor • server • driver   Q.16What is Chandler’s last name? • Green • Dean✓ Bing • Hall   Q.17Marcel was Ross’ _______ .✓ pet monkey • high school friend • arch enemy • co-worker   Q.18What is the name of the coffee shop worker who is in love with Rachel? • Mike • Mr. Heckles✓ Gunther • Pete   Q.19Who got married in Las Vegas? • Monica and Chandler✓ Ross and Rachel • Phoebe and Mike • Ross and Emily   Q.20In the final episode, Rachel was leaving to work in _______ . • Milan • Los Angeles • London✓ Paris   Q.21Who was Chandler’s ex-girlfriend with the annoying laugh?✓ Janice • Kathy • Joanna • Melanie   Q.22How many times has Ross been married? • 1 • 2✓ 3 • 4


The first place winner is…Sophia Sim…! The second place winner is…Amy Fra…! The third place winner is…Emilie Pet…!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your prizes!


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